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Custom Menù for DotNetNuke (5.6+) is a easy to use menu module that allow users to create simple horizontal and vertical navigation menù and customize css and javascript. It's also possible to customize navigation tree and pages indentation.

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Module Settings

In module settings users can define menu tree, css and javascript.

Module Information

First of all users have to choose page to visualize by checking them: by clicking on the double green arrow all checked pages will appear on the right. Now will be possible to select and move a page and generate menu tree. Than users can begin to customize menù aspect: they can add their css and have to insert id and/or class for all menu html tags that are div, ul, li, a, sub ul and active. They can also isert a javascript for the animation using class and id they have declared before. Users can manage also saved configuration by selecting them from the grid: once loaded a configuration users can modify and save it again and also copy as new configuration. Before update settings users must choose menu configuration from the drop down list: this will be the module configuration.
If you need a start-point in module configuration you can use these settings:

Vertical menu:

Div Class: sidebarmenu

ul ID: sidebarmenu1

Active Class: activeTab


<style type="text/css">

.sidebarmenu ul{
margin: 0 !important;
padding: 0 !important;
list-style-type: none !important;
font: bold 11px Verdana;
border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc;
width: 200px;
.sidebarmenu ul li{
position: relative;
margin: 0 !important;
padding: 0 !important;
list-style-type: none !important;

/* Top level menu links style */
.sidebarmenu ul li a{
display: block;
overflow: auto; /*force hasLayout in IE7 */
color: white;
text-decoration: none;
padding: 6px;
border-bottom: 1px solid #778;
border-right: 1px solid #778;

.sidebarmenu ul li a:link, .sidebarmenu ul li a:visited, .sidebarmenu ul li a:active{
background-color: #1A71A1; /*background of tabs (default state)*/

.sidebarmenu ul li a:visited{
color: white;

.sidebarmenu ul li a:hover{
background-color: black;

/*Sub level menu items */
.sidebarmenu ul li ul{
position: absolute !important;
width: 170px; /*Sub Menu Items width */
top: 0;
visibility: hidden;

.sidebarmenu a.subfolderstyle{
background: #1A71A1 url(/Portals/8/ImageMenu/right.gif) no-repeat 97% 50%;

color: white !important;
/* Holly Hack for IE \*/
* html .sidebarmenu ul li { float: left; height: 1%; }
* html .sidebarmenu ul li a { height: 1%; }
/* End */



<script type="text/javascript">

//Nested Side Bar Menu (Mar 20th, 09)
//By Dynamic Drive:

var menuids=["sidebarmenu1"] //Enter id(s) of each Side Bar Menu's main UL, separated by commas

function initsidebarmenu(){
for (var i=0; i<menuids.length; i++){
  var ultags=document.getElementById(menuids[i]).getElementsByTagName("ul")
    for (var t=0; t<ultags.length; t++){
    ultags[t].parentNode.getElementsByTagName("a")[0].className+=" subfolderstyle"
  if (ultags[t][i]) //if this is a first level submenu
   ultags[t].style.left=ultags[t].parentNode.offsetWidth+"px" //dynamically position first level submenus to be width of main menu item
  else //else if this is a sub level submenu (ul)
    ultags[t].style.left=ultags[t-1].getElementsByTagName("a")[0].offsetWidth+"px" //position menu to the right of menu item that activated it
  for (var t=ultags.length-1; t>-1; t--){ //loop through all sub menus again, and use "display:none" to hide menus (to prevent possible page scrollbars

if (window.addEventListener)
window.addEventListener("load", initsidebarmenu, false)
else if (window.attachEvent)
window.attachEvent("onload", initsidebarmenu)

jQuery(window).resize(function() {
  // your positioning code here


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